Joining Clean Shipping Index offers numerous advantages
No matter your role in the shipping industry

Members have access to:

• Web-based database of global shipping fleet

• Differentiated port fees (dependent on location)

• Reduced fairway dues in Sweden

• Details of emissions footprint of ocean freight

• Streamlined risk assessment for banks & investors

• Network meetings about environment & shipping

Clean Shipping Index can be used as a practical tool
for minimizing your environmental footprint


It’s widely known that consumers prefer buying products and using the services of ethically and environmentally responsible companies. This has positive effects throughout the whole supply chain. Hence good environmental performance is also a business opportunity with significant economic advantages; Ship-owners can obtain a preferred supplier status with their customers.

The Swedish Maritime Administration, for example, uses CSI as a guidance to reward ship-owners with a good score on the Clean Shipping Index by charging them less fairway dues than their competitors. Furthermore, more and more ports around the world are offering reduced fees for ships with lower emissions.