Our network of members is built up from a broad range of maritime stakeholders, which together form the Clean Shipping Network. Any company or organisation that shares our vision can apply for membership.



As a member you can access the wealth of information the Clean Shipping Index provides. Membership of the Clean Shipping Network requires an annual fee. All members are invited to meetings two times a year to discuss common strategy developments and other relevant topics.

We ask all our members to sign a Letter of Intent and a Confidentiality Agreement. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member of the Clean Shipping Network.

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Words from our members

Captain Greta Hjelte Berndolf

Vetting Coordinator
at Preem

“The Clean Shipping Network, and the Index, gives Preem the opportunity to look ahead and beyond current emission regulations.”

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Berit Hägerstrand-Åvall

Vice President
Sea Services at
Stora Enso Logistics

“The CSI is a tool which helps us, as transport purchaser, to select high-performing shipping companies when it comes to environmental criteria.”

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Mats Samuelsson

H&M Global Logistics
Transport Manager

“The biggest climate impact along the value chain occurs outside of our operations. This is why we work upstream with our transport providers alike to help them cut their climate impacts.”

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Robbert Slooten

Sustainability Analyst
at Royal Philips

“Actually one third of our operational carbon footprint is associated with transportation of purchased goods and our finished products.”

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Per Nilsson

Tetra Laval Global
Supply Manager

“Clean Shipping Network is a perfect forum to join forces and obtain greater influence on the shipping industry”

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